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During the last 20 years in luxury retail at mainstays like Jack Spade, Trunk Club and Barneys New York, I have developed a specific eye and point of view. Friends, family and clients have sought my expertise with their closet overhauls, image goals and general home organizational needs. Now I want to help you do the same. 

Whether you are a stay-at-home parent, busy professional or get frustrated when thinking about style, we can work together to declutter your home and get organized. I can also refine your wardrobe to give you the confidence and tools you need to get dressed with ease. 

Believe me, I know there is a lot of anxiety around the subject. Please know that I enter into my consultations with no judgement, whatsoever. I want to make you a better you! 

Please take some time to browse my site, learn about the services I provide and read reviews from people like you who have benefitted.

Be sure to reach out with any questions through the contact page.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

Drew Harris

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Tidy Closet


EDIT: Let's purge! We'll clear out the clutter and give your closet some breathing room. I can remove the excess and target pieces you'll continue to wear.

ORGANIZE: I'll simplify your closet to make it "easy to shop" when you want to find an outfit. You may think you don't have anything to wear, but there are fantastic and fresh outfits waiting to be found. I'll help create a system so you can have those outfits at the ready and also revamp your dressing area to make it a place you want to spend time getting dressed.

ASSESS: We will work together to determine what key pieces your wardrobe is missing. I'll suggest items I think you need and where you can find them. And I'll arm you with the tools so you can do this on your own in the future.



You might be in the process of a gut rehab or just realize that your existing closet space is no longer serving you. Whether it's a master bedroom closet, kitchen pantry or basement storage area, I can design a space that works best within your budget and organizational needs.

Organized Cubicles


If you're planning on putting your home on the market or if you've decided enough-is-enough with all the clutter, I can provide solutions to get all things in order! I'll transform your kitchens, pantries, kids' areas, home offices, basements and more into camera-ready spaces you can actually live in!

Shopping Bags_edited.jpg


You either hate to shop or just don't have the time.

I'll identify the things you need to add to round out your wardrobe. Then, working within your budget, I'll find the items at local retailers and call ahead to get the dressing room ready. You and I will head out together, trying on all the items I've picked for you. I'll make the process as quick and painless as possible. Most importantly, shopping with me is fun!

Fashion Stylists


I'll pull together the perfect outfits for that upcoming family photo, headshots for dating sites or special event.

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I had a wonderful experience working with Drew! We had a lot of fun and I learned so much in such a short amount of time. Drew quickly nailed a style that works well for me as a working mom. He was able to organize my closet in a way that makes getting ready in the morning a breeze. I have always struggled with putting together outfits. Over the years I have spent too much money buying pieces that don’t work well together. Drew was able to eliminate pieces that don’t work, pulled out pieces that I haven’t seen in years and give me a list of must-have items to make everything come together. He taught me less is more and I don’t need to keep buying clothing that will sit in my closet. I feel more confident in how I look with my improved wardrobe and really love my upgraded style.

Kristin C. - Highland Park, IL

I cannot say enough about my experience with Drew! What an incredible experience! Over the four hours Drew spent at my home going through my closet , I learned a wealth of knowledge about clothing and how to dress for success! Drew organized my closet, helped me get rid of clothes that did not fit or were way out of style (hard to part with those late 80's digs!). He carefully organized my whole closet and showed my how to match up clothes to achieve the right look for the right situation. Drew also provides a beautiful power point deck to help me with future purchases to fill out my wardrobe over time, as well as tips on how to dress. Quite a confidence booster! Quite a cathartic experience, and one I can recommend to anyone! To all...go "Shop Your Closet, now!!!

Joe H. - Highland Park, IL

I hired Drew to sort through the madness that was my husband's closet. Tired of looking at his jammed closet that somehow bore "nothing to wear," I trusted Drew to weed and organize for/with my husband. Then, together they talked about new looks for different work events and how to leverage the existing assets to realize the vision. Of course, Drew also sent a look book afterward with inspiration for new items. I am happy to say that six months after the "intervention," which was far less painful and far more fun for my husband than imagined, the closet is still healthy--and my husband looks as handsome as ever. Thank you, Drew!

Elory R. - Chicago, IL

I encourage anyone looking for assistance with a wardrobe refresh or overhaul to contact Drew Harris. His expertise and keen eye helped me "repurpose" pieces I would not have put together on my own, retire items that were long overdue, and identify areas of opportunity.
My homework assignment, prior to Drew's visit, was equally an important part of the process that enabled him to have a better understanding of my own personal sense of style as well as my likes and dislikes. He would use this information later in his post meeting assessment. After going through every item, Drew strategically organized my wardrobe in a way that made better sense to me. I now have a solid system in place with closets that are more functional, uniform, and extremely organized. It's really rather calming and now much easier to get dressed for any occasion.
While I am thrilled with how my closets look, I was also looking forward to seeing the follow up "deck". In it, Drew highlighted my inventory, the pieces that work well, and then provided suggestions that would enhance what I already own.
I highly recommend Drew's new venture, Shop Your Closets and his "edit, organize, and assess" strategy is brilliant. It was a cleansing experience- I know you will not be disappointed!

Dayna P. - Chicago, IL

I had a great experience with Drew. He helped me find new ways to wear old items I'd given up on. I also ended up getting rid of a good deal of stuff that I should have purged years ago. Most importantly, Drew helped me identify the holes in my wardrobe and how just a few key purchases can make so many of my existing items relevant again. He was helpful, honest, encouraging and made the process enjoyable. I'm ready to go shopping armed with my handy pdf of recommended items from Drew. All in all, it was a really worthwhile experience and I'm very glad to have done it.

Steve R. - Chicago, IL

Drew helped me focus my wardrobe. He went through everything and showed me what worked and what didn't. I'm confident with what I need to get and Drew's been great with my pesky post questions! I would highly recommend working with him!

Joe C. - Chicago, IL

Drew helped me throw out three bags worth of ill-fitting clothes I either never should have bought in the first place, or hadn't realized were best left in the past. Great to have the personal service and handy take away advice at the end.

Stephen M. - Chicago, IL

I am so grateful to Drew for making my closet functional and beautiful! All I want to do is look at it all day, every day, as it showcases my clothing and shoes in such a perfect manner. Getting dressed is so much fun and I now feel confident that I can put together some great looks thanks to the advice and portfolio Drew gave me! Best investment I have made! Thank you!

Cindy H. - Highland Park, IL

As an anniversary gift for my husband, I hired Drew to take my husband shopping for a few more dressy outfits (weddings, special occasions, etc). My husband hates to shop for clothes. Drew did his research, had clothes waiting in the dressing room and less than 2 hours later my husband had 5 different outfits including shoes and accessories. All of the pieces could be interchanged for a range of occasions. Drew worked some real magic, he had a limited budget, yet created stylish and comfortable looks. On his way home, my husband called and said, "that was the best gift ever." Afterwards, Drew texted me some photos along with instructions for us to buy one pair of dark wash jeans to complete this mini collection. Thank you Drew, this ended up being a gift for both of us.

Alysa S. - Highland Park, IL


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